President Bush reacts to conservatives balking at his shamnesty immigration bill. 

In his now infamous “Malaise” speech in 1979, Jimmy Carter demonstrated a fundamental misunderstanding of his country and his countrymen. It was the tipping point for his presidency.

Last week, President Bush had his own malaise moment when he attacked a large segment of the American people and insinuated they were ignorant about the immigration bill he has fashioned with Ted Kennedy.

The American people don’t like to be criticized by their presidents, especially when they are at 28 percent approval, either then or now. This clash is a “Panama Canal moment” for the GOP.

The bar fight over the newest immigration “compromise” bill is the Gotterdammerung for the party and the conservative movement. The outcome will determine what direction the GOP will take and whether it will once again be consigned to minority status for a generation.

It is not the first time there has been a trial separation and eventually a divorce between conservatism and Republicanism. In 1971, conservatives gathered at Bill Buckley’s home in New York. The meeting was called because Richard Nixon had supported his aide, Pat Moynihan’s proposal for a federally-mandated guaranteed household income. That tore it for conservatives.

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This could actually be a unique moment in U.S. history. Conservatives that are fed up with this Amnesty Bill could provide a genuine groundswell of support for a third American party. A real party of the people, not just the corporate elites. 

If the two big parties keep forcing this idiotic bill on citizens that don’t want it, and Bush keeps ticking off his conservative base, eventually something will have to give. This 28 percent are the last people who support him, and the same ones he just insulted in his speech. It was idiotic, and incomprehensible. There has been a lot to be unhappy about with Bush, and conservatives have stood by him and taken a lot. While we appreciate the tax cuts, the partial-birth abortion ban, the SCOTUS appointments, and the War on Terror, his arrogant attitude on this one issue, along with his most recent capitulation on Global Warming, is just too much for me, I will no longer be supporting this man anymore. I will not be supporting any Democrats either, however, I guess I am a man without a Party for now. 

I hear the donations for the GOP are down 40%, they had to fire all of their telephone solicitors, they don’t have enough money to update the equipment, and amazingly enough, the Republicans are suprised about it. Good grief! They really need to get a clue. The Republican Party desperately needs a shot in the arm right now.


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